What is the Life Node?

Life Nodes will be reached when players live to certain ages in the game, where players will have 3 options: [End Life and Claim Rewards], [Continue Your Life] and [Mint Life Node Card]. If players can’t make choice in 300 seconds, the REBORN system will make the choice for players to [Continue Life].

[End Life and Claim Rewards]

If players choose this option, they will get the NT reward from the prize pool with the claim rate corresponding to this Life Node and have an opportunity to obtain a random Talent Card. Players cannot mint Life Node Card NFT with this option.

[Continue Your Life]

If players choose this option, they can continue the game directly or continue the game after adding the Talent Card they have.

[Mint Life Node Card]

If player choose this option, they will get a Life Node Card, but no Talent Card or NT rewards. The Life Node Card is NFT and can be freely traded in NFT Master.

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