What is Life Node Card?


Life Node Card records all the Life Events that happened before the current life node, which can be used to continue the life from the last node it recorded. When the new Life Node is reached, more NT rewards you will earn from the prize pool. Life Node Card is NFT and can be traded in NFT Master.

Each Life Node Card is unique. The Life Node Card recording more Life Node is more valuable because you can earn more NT from the prize pool with it.

[How to Obtain]

1. After each Life Node of 30 Years. Select [Mint Life Node Card] and click [Claim].

2.Purchase in NFT Master.

[How to Use]

When you start a new life in the game, you can click [Select Life Node Card] to choose the Life Node Card you have to continue the life from the last node it recorded by paying a certain amount of NT as [Life Ticket].

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