REBORN Beta Test on BSC

Welcome to REBORN Beta Test Tutorial, which is only available for the whitelist addresses.

Video Tutorials for REBORN:

Submit the issues you have encountered during the game and your optimizing suggestions:

How to Enter REBORN in Beta Test on BSC

1. Configure BSC test network in your wallet

The first step is to configure the BSC test network in your wallet. Click the link below to view the tutorial:

2. Enter REBORN in Beta Test

Select BSC test network in your wallet after you configure it.

Copy this link and open it in your wallet browser: TBD

Submit the Issues and Optimizing Suggestion

All players participating in Beta Test can submit the issues they have encountered in the game and suggestions. Players who provide valuable suggestions and feedback in this Beta Test will be able to share the 10,000 NT rewards!

Click this link to submit your feedback and suggestion:

Note: Submission is available during the Beta Test period, and you can submit at any time when you encounter the issues.

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