🏭New Mining Machines


1. You can unlock the new mining machines on the right when your Mining Farm reach level 16.

2. You can unlock 1 new mining machines for every 2 levels upgrade of your Mining Farm, and 6 new mining machines can be unlocked when your Mining Farm reach level 26.

3. The New Mining Machines provides the same properties as the left mining machines, but the mining machines component upgrade costs a certain amount of NT-L, and depending on the location of the new mining machines, it needs to cost the corresponding NT-L1/ NT-L2/ NT-L3.

4. The upgrade of the new mining machines is not only can provide more computing power support, but also a condition for the participation in follow-up campaigns.

How to obtian the NT-L?

NT-L come from the staking in Master Pools. There are 3 types of Mining License, NT-L1, NT-L2, NT-L3, which is produced in different Master Pools.

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