Rookies Pools

These Pools are automatically opened when players enter the game for the first time.

Stake USDT to earn $NT without price fluctuations.

Stake NT to earn $NT with a high APR. There are three mining pools with different yields and produce different items:

Primary pools could produce consumption items

Medium pools could produce rare items

Premium pools could produce rare items and NFT items

*The function of produce items will be launched in the next version update.

Master Pools

Opened when Player's mining farms reach level 10.

USDT+NT Stake:There are three pools in Master Pools to unlock through upgrading mining farms. More NT can be mined by USDT+NT Staking. Meanwhile, according to the amount of Stake, Mining License named NT-L are produced every day, and NT-L1/NT-L2/NT-L3 are produced respectively in 10/13/16 level pools.

Mining License: The daily NT-L output from the player's staking has a total of 16 hours harvesting time limit, after the time limit is not harvested Mining License will be recycled by the system.

KEY:KEY is the rare items that players can get from the medium and premium pools in Rookies Pools or purchase directly in the game shop. The unit price is 1 USDT.

Players need to use KEY to harvest Mining license they mined in Master Pools. NT-L1/NT-L2/NT-L3 need to consume 1/2/3 KEYs respectively.

King Pools

Opened when Player’s mining farms reach level 10.

BTC Mining Pool:There are three BTC pools in King Pools, 90% of the USDT corresponding to the total key consumed by all players in the previous day will be swaped as hBTC and put into the BTC Pool.

Classification of BTC Pools:

Primary Pools:The total amount is 15%, and NT-L1 Mining License is in need.

Medium Pools:The total amount is 30%, and NT-L2 Mining License is inneed.

Premium Pools:The total amount is 45%, and NT-L3 Mining License is inneed.

BTC Mining Time:SGT 8AM-8PM is the time for players to Stake.

Players need to stake a specified amount of NT first then you can stake your Mining License into the corresponding BTC pools.

Player can add additional stakes at any time during the time, but cannot redeem the stakes.

At the end of the staking time, the game system will count the players with the most staked Mining Licence from every BTC pool.

The player ranked first will obtain 14%/28%/42% in the corresponding BTC pools respectively.

Players ranked 2-50 will share the remaining 1%/2%/3% equally.

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