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The Options Of NT Locking Pool in The Second Round

Dear NEXTYPE Community, Since May 2022, multiple rounds of NT locking events will be launched on the NEXTYPE IGO platform on BNB Chain. According to the amount of NT locked by users in each round, the community will vote to determine the number of NT burnt until the burnt NT reaches 500,000,000. According to the vote results, the NT Locking Pool for NFTArena Synthesis NFT Mystery Box Sale came up with the following options:
Stake Time(UTC): 6 AM UTC, June 7th - 10 AM UTC, June 8th
Lockout End Time: 10 AM UTC, June 8th -10 AM UTC, July 28th
NT Locking Amount for Single Address: 20,000
Lockout Quota: 300
Maximum Burn NT: 30,000,000
Burn time: TBD


1. Staked NT can only be redeemed after the locking period ends.
2. After the Staking Phase, the Pool will be locked, and users are not allowed to make any stake or redemption.
3. The earned NFT will be distributed to the players’ addresses on June 8th at 12 PM UTC.
4. Each address can only get 1 NFT at most.
5. NFT trading will start at 6 AM UTC on June 9th in the NFT Master.

NFT Details

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