🔥HECO MetaFi

NEXTYPE will join with several excellent projects on HECO to launch the MetaFi campaign in MiningTycoon V1. Players will have a chance to get NFT rewards by staking the specified Token in the Tycoon Pools in MiningTycoon V1 on HECO!

👉Mining Tycoon V1 Link:https://btcmining.game/

Partner Projects: Demeter, Lendhub, Crypto card, Pokemine, Plato,and FILDA

Date: Feb 21 - Mar 7


1) This Campaign will be held only in Tycoon Pools in MiningTycoon V1 on HECO.

2) Players need to stake a corresponding number of Tokens to mine NFTs.

3) In each Mining Pool, each address can get 1 NFT at most, and the mined NFT will be directly distributed to the player's address.

NFTs Benefits:

1) The NFTs can be used in the Energy Center of MiningTycoon V2 with special benefits or staked in the NFT Mining Pools.

2) The NFTs can be traded freely in NFT Master.

3) The NFTs can be used to play in the NFT Arena to win more Token rewards.

4) The NFTs will be available on more products of the NEXTYPE ecosystem in the future.

Details of MetaFi Campaign

*As the NT output in MiningTycoon V1 will stop soon, the HECO MetaFi Round 3 is postponed, and the specific launching time will be announced in the future.

NFT Information

Smart Contract Address

DMT Token: 0x57A7BcdfAb1631ACA9d6E0f39959477182CfAe12

LHB Token: 0x8F67854497218043E1f72908FFE38D0Ed7F24721

PMD Token: 0xbFB932eE032f04e0Bd72200e31043e63aA650FC9

PLATO Token: 0x4668e0E7cC545De886aBF038067F81cD4DC0924b

FILDA Token: 0xE36FFD17B2661EB57144cEaEf942D95295E637F0

Lendhub&NEXTYPE NFT: 0x08dF6DFAd45328e1ffA5A544C33B2eB5a0eE705E

PokeMine&NEXTYPE NFT: 0x09eBa4A4605a6c9EE05AE01f0d3d0bAcC0C1EDC8

FILDA&&NEXTYPE NFT: 0x8eB49D235eB4048B790087F316F2A630fc45ab44

Demeter&NEXTYPE NFT: 0x990B911c42191A32F09877d09Fe966f64D09bb20

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