🎁NEXTYPE 1st Anniversary Giveaway Event

We are pleased to announce that NEXTPYE's 1st anniversary is coming. Thanks to all our community’s support along the way, we will continue to focus on the Infrastructures development as a blockchain game distribution platform, bringing more high-quality blockchain games and continuing to promote the development of Web 3.0.

Meanwhile, we have decided to issue the NEXTYPE 1st Anniversary NFT for our dear NEXTYPE community. Thanks for all the support and valuable suggestions. Stay tuned for more exciting events, and please keep looking forward to a better NEXTYPE!


2022/7/4 - 2022/7/21


  1. Follow NEXTYPE Twitter

  2. Retweet

  3. Join NEXTYPE Telegram

  4. Join NEXTYPE Discord

  5. Leave your BNB Chain address

Finish the task in Project Galaxy here: TBD


  1. Finish the tasks.

  2. 1000 BNB Chain addresses will be selected randomly to win 1NEXTYPE 1st Anniversary NFT each.

  3. After the event, the lucky players can claim the free NFT.

How to Claim the earned NFT in Project Galaxy?

  1. Click the link, and connect your wallet address.

  2. Check the [Claim] bottom. If it’s lit, you can claim the earned NFT.

  3. After clicking the [Claim] button, pay the Gas Fees, and then you can claim the earned NFT.

NFT Description:

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