Other Descriptions

What is the World Level

The initial world level is 1. The world level would be increased as the total amount of NT in the prize pool increases. World level is related to Tickets and Prize Pools.

What is the Prize Pool

The prize pool is the place where players claim NT during the game. All the NT paid by players when they start a life would be put into the prize pool after deducting the ecological service fee, when the total amount of NT in the prize pool is increased to a specified amount, the world level would be increased.

As the world level increases, there would be more NT in the prize pool, and players could get more NT rewards.

What is the Ticket

The ticket is the fee that player need to pay in NT to start their life. The cost of the Ticket would be increased/decreased as the world level being up/down.

What is the Service Fee Rate

Service Fee Rate refers to a service fee deducted from the player's Ticket payment, which is 5% of the Ticket.

What is the Price Pool Claim Rate

Price Pool Claim Rate refers to the percentage of the rewards claim from the prize pool when players reach different life nodes.

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