NSwap - Cross NFT from HECO Chain to BNB Chain

NSwap is a cross-chain infrastructure in NEXTYPE ecology, providing users with cross-chain services for FT and NFT assets in various games. It allows users to quickly, securely, and easily complete cross-chaining of game assets to add cross-chain liquidity to capture liquidity value.

Currently only support HECO chain's Genesis NFT,Mr. Leadwire, Miner's Glory, Silencer, Rhythm Brother, Nuclear Machine, Proton Machine, and Hanazawa Kana NFT cross-chain to BNB Chain, more NFT cross-chains will be opened in the future, stay tuned!

NSwap Link: https://nswap.nextype.finance/

Tutorial for cross NFT from HECO Chain to BNB Chain

1.Click the NSwap link: https://nswap.nextype.finance/, and choose [Connect Wallet] to connect your HECO Chain;

2. Select the NFT and ID that need to be cross-chain;

3. Confirm the cross-chain process and fees below, then click [Service Fee];

4. Click [NFT Authorize] to authorize;

5. Click [Trade] to complete the NFT cross-chain;

6. After successful cross-chaining, players can click on the wallet and click "Transaction" to view the current cross-chaining records of the wallet on NSwap.

Where can I find my cross-chain NFT?

How To Enter NFT MASTER?

NSwap Rules:

  1. NSwap is an NFT Cross-Chain Protocol presented by NEXTYPE, which supports HECO and BNB Chain for now.

  2. 100 NT as Service Fee will be charged each time when users use the NFT cross-chain service and the later Service Fee charging standard will be decided by NEXTYPE DAO voting.

  3. NFT cross-chain is expected to be completed within 5-10 minutes.

  4. The NFT after the cross-chain does not correspond to the original TokenID before. Please note this and be aware of the operation.

  5. NSwap only supports part of the NFTs issued by NEXTYPE for now. In the future, more NFT will be supported. Please stay tuned.

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