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ID1675 / user_1675:

To live long, you'll need to start with good PHY and FAM. Good PHY has a very positive effect, but you will need a wealthy family to start with if you want to make it. So go to the NFTMaster and get +PHY and +FAM cards. Try to choose +4 PHY when FAM >10 Talent cards. Also, try to get the genius cards that give + to all attributes.

Starting talent cards requires good RNG, however, you can use the cards that you have purchased at the NFTMaster.

Start early to pay less starting fees. Also get talent cards for cheaper prices. As the world level progresses, you will need to pay more.

Try to get Fam>10 to trigger Phy+4 bonuses at the attribute allocation screen. You can keep cha & int moderate for this strategy.

This strategy basically depends on starting wealthy, getting a good education and starting bonuses, become wealthier quickly so that you can afford to completely replace your organs with pig organs when you are old. Also, when FAM & PHY are high, DEL is somehow affected because of the outcomes of events. This means that you are also happy when you are old which is very good for unpredictable events and finding general meaning in life when everybody around you dies. Also, you don't feel lonely and get less stressed.

Mint Life Node Cards and sell them on the market for profit. It will take some tries. Continue to play until you live long enough to cover all your base costs+profit. If you manage to get to age 140, this will very much be possible.

After that, it's your choice if you want to run for the record, or take your profits and try again. As you get more Talent cards, the game will become easier and less rng dependant. Don't quit if you can't make it in the early sessions, it is supposed to be like that. You will have to invest in the game to get the profits.

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