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Strategies Share By Players

The following tips are selected from the game strategies submitted and shared by REBORN players:
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ID1675 / user_1675:

To live long, you'll need to start with good PHY and FAM. Good PHY has a very positive effect, but you will need a wealthy family to start with if you want to make it. So go to the NFTMaster and get +PHY and +FAM cards. Try to choose +4 PHY when FAM >10 Talent cards. Also, try to get the genius cards that give + to all attributes.
Starting talent cards requires good RNG, however, you can use the cards that you have purchased at the NFTMaster.
Start early to pay less starting fees. Also get talent cards for cheaper prices. As the world level progresses, you will need to pay more.
Try to get Fam>10 to trigger Phy+4 bonuses at the attribute allocation screen. You can keep cha & int moderate for this strategy.
This strategy basically depends on starting wealthy, getting a good education and starting bonuses, become wealthier quickly so that you can afford to completely replace your organs with pig organs when you are old. Also, when FAM & PHY are high, DEL is somehow affected because of the outcomes of events. This means that you are also happy when you are old which is very good for unpredictable events and finding general meaning in life when everybody around you dies. Also, you don't feel lonely and get less stressed.
Mint Life Node Cards and sell them on the market for profit. It will take some tries. Continue to play until you live long enough to cover all your base costs+profit. If you manage to get to age 140, this will very much be possible.
After that, it's your choice if you want to run for the record, or take your profits and try again. As you get more Talent cards, the game will become easier and less rng dependant. Don't quit if you can't make it in the early sessions, it is supposed to be like that. You will have to invest in the game to get the profits.

ID1150 / tarujosi:

I have played REBORN about 26 times since its launch on HECO with the longest life at 180 years before I ended it. According to my experiences, the allocation of the attributes points played a significant role in the success of our life. Specifically, we should give more points to the attributes of FAM and PHY at the start of the game. The reasons could be explained below:
FAM determines how well-off our family is when we was born or during our childhood. The better the FAM, the less frequent bad circumstances in our early lives. Moreover, I realized that when we started with sufficient FAM points, there was a higher chance that we would meet events that increase our FAM. I frequently ended up with FAM at above 10 points. PHY determines the health condition of our lives.
It is important to note that PHY is the rarest attribute that you could gain in your life. In other words, I barely find events that result in an increase of PHY compared to the other attributes. On the other hand, PHY is crucial to keeping you alive. Once your PHY is 0 or below, it is most likely that your life will end in the upcoming 1-2 years. Thus, allocating sufficient PHY at the start of your game should be prioritized.
If we start a new game without the addition of a Talent Card, we should aim to set the attributes of FAM and PHY to 7 (seven) each at minimum, then 3 (three) for each CHA and INT. If you have Talent Cards from the random initialization that facilitates you to increase either CHA and INT, you should use it to add the point of INT. From what I have learned, we will often meet events that increase the CHA attributes, while it is less frequent for the INT. However, I would not suggest you start a new life with any attributes of CHA or INT below 3 (three) as it will trigger so many bad events in your life. These basic configurations should bring your life to the age of 90 at ease and give a higher chance to reach the age of 120.
Another tip for playing REBORN is do not tempted to use a talent card that increases the DEL attribute as you will often have many events that could increase your DEL. If you have another positive talent card (anything that increases your attributes), you are better to go with it instead of the DEL's card.
If you plan to play a new game with additions of Talent Card, it is better to use PHY+4, FAM+4, or INT+4. These cards can directly be used to increase your attribute points and secure your early life. If this is the case, you should go (minimum) with PHY and FAM at 9 each, and CHA and INT at 5 each. On the other hand, talent cards with conditional activation, such as CHA+4 when INT>10, require you to meet a certain attribute point before it can be activated. In many circumstances, we do not have the luxury to keep alive until the requirement is met. In the end, we might use the talent card for nothing.
Lastly, I believe that you will be at a very difficult moment in every life node, whether you want to continue your life for the opportunity of higher rewards or you should end your life to secure your current rewards. In my opinion and once your age is 90 or above, if any of your attributes is 5 or below, there is a higher chance that your life will end before you could reach the next Life Node. Thus, it is safer to claim your current rewards than to continue the game.
It should be noted that what I have written above is based on my experience playing the REBORN. It does not guarantee that the outcomes of your game will be similar to what I have experienced. Remember, DYOR and just invest what you can afford to lose.


The game's "prize pool", NEXTYPE & REBORN officially injects "100,000 NT" into the prize pool as a reward before it launched, and the prize pool will increase with the influx of players - each ticket will be accumulated in the prize pool, and is also awarded to the player with the highest "age" of survival.
If no one gets the grand prize finally, users above a certain level will share the NT in the pool, which is officially a lower requirement for the players! So it's a huge lure of the prize pool, but also it's a challenge for players to think, maybe you are the lucky star.
There is a calculator next to the "avatar" on the home page, players can calculate the specific age of survival according to the prize pool to obtain the corresponding NT reward, NT will increase at each node of the stage, the larger the pool, the more NT players can get at the age of 90/120, which is full of challenges and temptations.
If you reach the Life Node and end it early, you can get the corresponding NT.
If you continue to challenge and live then you may get NFT when you die.
The NFT obtained in the game is empowered, each NFT has different empowerment, which is the biggest difference in the game of REBORN, of course, you can also seld it in the NFT Master and trade with other players.
REBORN is a game that will need brains to play, it's prize just like the Squid Game, try your best to reach higher age then you will get a huge reward for the return!
Before starting REBORN, you need to select 3 initial talents among all the 6 initial talents, and the initial talents will randomly match with each time you restart.
There are 3 types of Talent Cards in the initial stage:
  1. 1.
    Increase or reduce the initial attributes.
  2. 2.
    When a talent attribute is reaching or more than 10 points then it will increase another talent attribute by about 2-3 points.
  3. 3.
    Reaching age 30 or above can add 2--4 talent attributes.
The first category: It's easy to understand this kind of Talent Cards, is just automatically added to use when the game starts. [Take Precedence]
The second category: Use it to full a certain initial talent or use it when your talent attributes at 8 points
The third category: This kind of Talent Cards belongs to late challenges for advanced players and reaching the age 140 or above. [Not to be recommended]
The above describes how to select the initial talent, now we talk about how to allocate the 20 points of attributes correctly.
The NFT in REBORN is all in English, you can note the following words:
Charm-CHA, Physique-PHY, Intelligence-INT, Delight-DEL, Family-FAM, Age-AGE
The initial 20 points of talent attributes are divided into four categories: CHA, INT, PHY, and FAM.
PHY is very important that you can put it in the first place when you facing the initial attribute allocation, which is depended if you are safe or not before age 80. If your life ends early that you can't reach a higher age, so you can try to control PHY in 6 < in the initial allocation
FAM and INT can control in 4 <, the poor FAM can also start with nothing, INT can add 1 point more, the attributes can also be increased or decreased when you going through the storyline, so you can according to your thought to play in REBORN.
About CHA, I personally think that can control in 1-3 points, because the game characters can't live too long rely on CHA, I have tested that pulling the CHA in a low level, but also able to survive and reach age 100+.
If you follow my ideas above to allocate attributes, the rest of the attributes can be adjusted according to your own. You can randomly obtain NFT at the Life Node stage, or mint your Life Node Card NFT. Players can go to the NFT Master to buy the NFT they need.
[NOTE]: Currently physical NFT is the most popular, players can go and buy some physical NFT.
If you encounter the Life Nodes stage, players can use the Talent Card NFT in the CardBag to increase the talent attributes you need so that you can sprint to a higher age to get more prizes of rewards, bonuses will increase every ten years you have survived, priority survival to age 300 can get the huge prize pool.
[NOTE]: Players who intend to rush more than 140 years old need to use Talent Card NFT every time you encounter the Life Node, don't save it, the higher age you reach, the more likely you will encounter "accident".
Sum up: If you want to earn more NT then you need to try everything to survive, you can choose to end the game early to exchange the corresponding NT or mint NFT when you encounter a Life Node stage, if you die suddenly you can't win the prize of NT.
You can earn NT by getting the NFT or minting Life Node Card NFT for trading. REBORN is a new blockchain game which like a simulation of immortal cultivation but binging a huge prize pool. You will find that REBORN has more playability than many other simulations of immortal cultivation. Each time you encounter a new Life Node stage that you have to think about whether to continue and challenge the higher level with infinite possibilities. Let's look forward to REBORN players bringing home with the huge NT prize!
End: I am also a Beta Test player in HECO and played almost a hundred times, it's only a little thought and it's suitable for new players, the more details about the deeper strategies need the players with more experience to explore.
Finally, the 20 initial talent attributes must be all distributed, do not try to choose only 3 kinds of initial talent attributes, or you probably will live less than 100 years, usually die at the age 40-80.

IDID7818 / user_7818:

PHY is the most important basic attribute in REBORN, I think.
Before you reach age 90, PHY is the point that will determine your life is safe or not, and I suggest that try to reach more than 8 points on PHY.
FAM and INT can be controlled by about 4, because FAM can slowly accumulate and INT can be more so that you can encounter some good events. There's no need to allocate too much on CHA, should be allocated about 3 or less, make sure it has some points on it just fine.
About Talent Cards, you can add them in when you reach the Life Node. There are two ways to use it better, one is that when reaching the Life Node and you find a certain attribute is too low, then you can use the Talent Cards to increase this attribute. The other is to apply to each other, such as if you notice a basic attribute is over 10 points, you can use the talent card with restrictions to increase the other attributes.
How to survive longer? I think we should be paid great attention to PHY and DEL. Try to keep PHY above 10, and maintain DEL to 10 to 15 for the best. It's not necessarily a good thing if the DEL is more than 15, it may cause an accident because of its high points. The most basic requirement for both CHA and INT is more than 0, or it will have the chance of unexpected accidents.
About the question of whether to create a Life Node Card NFT or directly receive the reward, I think that if you reach a certain Life Node and you feel it's a risk for continuing but your base data is very good, you can choose to mint a Life Node Card NFT, then you can put this card into the NFT Master for trading. If you feel that your base data is already very low, then you can choose to receive the reward and end the game.

ID1186 / user_1186:

Buy a few valuable cards in the NFT Master, such as PHY +4, INT +4, etc.
The 20 points of initial attributes must be allocated well and be balanced, then you can properly add the Talent Cards that can increase the PHY attributes and FAM attributes which are particularly important than the others.
When you reach the Life Node, you can choose to carry on or not.
If your current attributes are not too low, you can choose to continue.
If your current attributes are too low, you can use the Talent card you have purchased in NFT Master.
Finally, I want to mention that don't be too greedy, stop when you reach an appropriate reward!

ID1135 / Maishen:

1. 7 random talents should try to choose PHY, INT, or add additional attributes of the talent.
2. The 20 points for allocating should focus on FAM, PHY, INT first, then CHA. Having a good FAM and PHY can spend the early life and also have a probability of encountering some good events.
3. When you reach age 30, you can add your Talent Card for the lower attributes.
When reaching age 60, your Talent Card can be added according to the attributes and try to your attributes more than 10 points, which is conducive to the balance of development.
When reaching age 90 or older than that, you can mint your Life Node Cards NFT which is also more valuable from this age. Also, you should pay attention to your PHY which can't be too low, or it will easy to end the life
If your PHY is too low you can mint your Life Node Cards earlier to get the prize of NT