💎NFT Mining Pool


1. NFT mining pool is one of the core gameplay of MiningTycoon V2, different NFT mining pools will be updated every season, each NFT pool needs to stake 2-6 different NFT combinations to mine.

2. The NT output of each NFT mining pool is different and is related to the type and rarity of NFTs required for the pools.

3. NFTs which already staked for mining in NFT pools cannot be used in NFT Energy Center and NFT Arena.

4. For particularly rare NFT, exclusive NFT mining pools will also be opened irregularly.

How to stake your NFTs in NFT Mining Pool?

1. Click [Pools] on the home page then choose [Overlord]

2. Then click the available grid in the right [NFT Mining Pool]

3. Choose your NFT on the left and [Stake]

4. Continue staking other NFTs.

Mining can be started after all NFTs are staked.

How to obtain NFT?

NFT can be obtained through Airdrop, or trading on NFT Master.

👉Link to NFT Master: https://nftmaster.nextype.finance/

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