We are pleased to announce that NEXTPYE will be celebrating its 1st anniversary in coming July. Meanwhile, NT GameBox will be newly upgraded.

To celebrate the upcoming NEXTYPE 1st anniversary and NT GameBox upgrade with community partners, we decide to launch NEXTYPE REFERRAL CAMPAIGN in NT GameBox.

NEXTYPE REFERRAL CAMPAIGN will apply a new referral system, which will serve the whole NEXTYPE Ecosystem. Also, the newly bound referral relationship will be permanently recorded on the chain. When your referee completes the task, you and your referee can be rewarded with Hackathon Mystery Boxes.

It is worth mentioning that the rewarded Hackathon Box and Hackathon Super Box in this campaign come from the co-branded NFT of NEXTYPE and NEXTYPE Hackathon winning projects, and these HACKATHON NFTs can be used in the NEXTYPE Ecosystem.

Time: June 30- July 31

Link: https://bsc-box.nextype.finance/invitation/


  • Hackathon Box: 2022 HACKATHON NFT, MudAi NFT, ForgottenChain NFT, and The Planet of the Hares NFT.

  • Hackathon Super Box: MudAi NFT, ForgottenChain NFT, The Planet of the Hares NFT, ProtoVerse NFT, and Haunted Space NFT.

1. How to refer friends?

  1. Enter the Referral Page.

  2. Connect your BSC Wallet, copy your Referral Code and share it with your friend.

  3. When your friend enters the Referral Page, paste your Referral Code and connect the wallet. Then he becomes your referee.

2. How to complete tasks?

  1. Tasks are divided into newbie tasks and referral tasks, which can be viewed on the Referral Page.

  2. Your referees can receive mystery boxes by completing the newbie tasks in the NEXTYPE Ecosystem.

  3. When any 2 of the newbie tasks are completed by your referees each time, you can receive corresponding mystery boxes.

  4. When any 10 of the newbie tasks are completed by your referees each time, you can receive Hackathon Super Boxes. Meanwhile, your referral tasks will be reset, and you can receive more rewards by continuously referring more friends.

  5. A total of 7 Hackathon Boxes and 3 Hackathon Super Boxes will be rewarded.

  6. Newbies and old users can invite friends to participate in this campaign, and there is no limit on the referral. When a task is completed, the referrer and the referee will be rewarded with mystery boxes both.

3. How to claim rewards?

  1. Users need to claim rewarded mystery boxes manually on the Referral Page and pay a small amount of Gas.

  2. The rewarded mystery boxes will be airdropped to users' storage in NFT Master V2 within 1 hour. Users can find and open mystery boxes to get NFT in NFT Master V2. (A small amount of Gas is needed to open the mystery box).

  3. All rewarded mystery boxes should be claimed within 7 days after the end of the event. All mystery boxes that are not claimed after the deadline will be regarded as abandoned rewards and destroyed uniformly and cannot be restored or collected.

  4. 2022 HACKATHON NFT can not be traded in NFT Master V2.

  5. The trading time of HACKATHON NFT: To be continued.

NFT Details:

4. NFT Benefits in NEXTYPE ecosystem

  1. NFT can be used to battle to win NT in NFT Arena.

  2. NFT can be synthesized into premium NFT in NFT Master.

  3. NFT can be used to increase output revenue in Mining Tycoon V2.

5. How to synthesize NFT?

There are 4 levels of HACKATHON NFTs:

  1. LV-1 NFT can be obtained by opening Hackathon Boxes or synthesizing 3 2022 HACKATHON NFTs.

  2. LV-2 NFT can be obtained by opening Hackathon Super Boxes or synthesizing 3 different LV-1 NFTs.

  3. LV-3 NFT can be obtained by synthesizing 2 different LV-2 NFTs, with a total of 4 LV-2 NFTs.

  4. LV-5 NFT can be obtained by synthesizing 3 LV-3 NFTs and 1 Engineer NFT, with a total of 4 LV-3 NFTs.

*All 4 levels of HACKATHON NFTs can be traded in NFT Master V2.

*Hackathon Box, Hackathon Super Box, and 2022 HACKATHON NFT can not be traded in NFT Master V2.

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