🔥Details of the First Round Sale of Mystery Box on HECO

The highly-anticipated Mystery Box entrance is live in NFT Master on HECO now: https://nftmaster.nextype.finance/

The 1st round sale of Mystery Box will start at 8 AM UTC on Nov 26, in which NFTs are from NEO FANTASY and Maiden Des Dragon.

Here are the NFTs in the first round sale of Mystery Box:

Contract Address

Mystery Box :0x8DF3c67FD45BDC1c866EE1119fd91dc462e4308C







In addition to the benefits in its own game, the holders of these NFTs will be able to join a series of special events next. And there will be exclusive campaigns in MiningTycoon for NFTs in the near future!

Don't hesitate to see if you can get the rarest NFT in Mystery Box.

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