Aug 2,2021
Thanks to all players for participating in MiningTycoon's open beta test, we have made some detailed updates to the gameplay system for the upcoming Season 3.
1, Finely increased the mining pool capacity of the Rookies Pools and raised the staking limit for players so that more players can have the opportunity to earn more staking revenue.
2, Adjusted the mining pool capacity structure of the Master Pools, and lowered the threshold of power for Medium Pool and Premium Pool, which can make more players enter the Pools and enjoy the fun of harvesting Mining License.
3, Adjusted the BTC opening threshold of the King Pools, modified from the Mining License staking progress of S2 to the staking progress of NT, allowing the opening of BTC to generate some suspense and improve the fun of confrontation between players.
4, Adjusted the Mining License's output rate of the Master Pool to make it smoother and to effectively ease the pressure on players who enter late.
5, Added new Mining Machine style, which players can receive when their Machine level reaches 30, and raised the Mining Machine level cap to 60.
6, Improved the efficiency of gold output for Mine Machine above level 16, making it smoother for players to level up their Machines.
7, Added new mine level boosting items, which help players to upgrade Mining Farm level quickly. 8, Added central console system in Season 3 period, where players can pay NT to repair mining machines with easier way.
9, During the public test, the system of electricity consumption was adjusted to be extremely low, which is convenient for players to experience the game. When we enter S3, we will restore the value system of electricity consumption.
10, To celebrate the successful conclusion of the open beta test, all players who participated in the test and have made a staking in pools will receive free MiningTycoon commemorative NFT airdrop during this week, and with it, the in-game NFT Card Slot Function will be opened, so please enjoy your experience!
Last modified 2mo ago
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