🔥Soul Reborn NFT Mystery Box Sale on NFT Master
We are thrilled to announce that the initial NFT Sale in Soul Reborn will be held on NFT Master in Mystery Box. There will be 2 sale rounds with a total of 1,000 Mystery Boxes. Players could open Mystery Boxes to get Soul Reborn NFTs with ranks R(Rare), SR(Super Rare), SSR(Super-super Rare), and UR (Ultra Rare).
Soul Reborn is the MMORPG blockchain game with Triple-A quality from the Korean Game Soul Worker with millions of players, which will be cooperatively distributed by NEXTYPE on BSC.
Soul Reborn NFT holders will enjoy the following benefits:
1. Players holding NFTs in the rank of UR will be whitelisted for the IGO event in MiningTycoon.
2. Players holding any NFTs in this sale event will be qualified for the Beta Test of Soul Reborn and receive the limited-edition game props and characters.
3. Players could stake NFTs in MiningTycoon V2 on BSC.
4. Players could trade NFTs in NFT Master freely.
5. Players could use NFTs in other products under the NEXTYPE ecosystem.
Soul Reborn NFT Mystery Box Sale details:
1. The 1st Round in NT:
Time: 6 AM - 10 AM UTC on Jan 26
Amount: 100 Mystery Boxes
Price: $100 worth of NT (NT Price will be calculated in the 3-days average price on BSC before the sale starts )
2. The 2nd Round in USDT:
Time: 12 PM UTC on Jan 26 - 0 AM UTC on Jan 27
Amount: 900 Mystery Boxes
Price: $100 USDT
Surprise Event:
50 lucky players will be selected randomly from all players who purchase 5 or more Mystery Boxes, whether in NT or USDT, will have the chance to share 10,000 $SRN.
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NFTs List in Mystery Boxes:
Smart Contracts of NFTs:
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